Gravel Grinder News: Salsa Debuts ’21 Warbird, Stormchaser Models

Gravel Grinder News: Salsa Debuts ’21 Warbird, Stormchaser Models – by Guitar Ted

Salsa Cycles has announced the 2021 versions of their popular Warbird and Stormchaser models. These models reflect color and spec changes only. The designs remain the same as the 2020 models. Following are the images and information provided by Salsa Cycles.

A 2021 Salsa Cycles Stormchaser
The 2021 Stormchaser single speed.

Stormchaser: Last season Salsa Cycles surprised the gravel riding crowd with a single speed aluminum framed bike based on their popular Warbird platform. Riding Gravel reviewed that bike here. For 2021 the spec sheet remains pretty much unchanged. The color goes to a nice, shiny red. There will be a frame set available which will be offered in black. Price for the complete Stormchaser will check in at $1599.00 USD and the frame set, which includes the carbon fork and two rear drop outs- one single speed specific and a derailleur compatible one- will come in at $1199.00USD.

A Warbird Carbon AXS Wide
The Warbird Carbon AXS Wide model.

Warbird: The Warbird also continues on in the same form as 2020 models but with new spec and colors. The top of the range is now a SRAM AXS Wide spec featuring a Force D1 2X crankset with 43/30 chain rings. The cassette is a 12 speed SRAM XG1270-D1 with a 10-33T range. SRAM AXS HRD shifters and Force AXS derailleurs round out the drive train spec. Wheels are DT Swiss 350 hubs laced to Whiskey No. 9 carbon rims shod with Teravail Rutland 42mm tires with the Durable casing. Price is set at $6999.00 USD.

The GRX 810 version of the Warbird Carbon for 2021
The GRX 810 version of the Warbird Carbon for 2021

The GRX 810 model is a mechanical 2X drive train with the GRX 46/31T range matched with a 11-34T 11 speed rear cassette. Shifters are also GRX 810 hydraulic units. Wheels feature DT Swiss G 1800 Spline wheels with 42mm Teravail Cannonball tires. Retail on the Warbird Carbon 810 GRX is $4299.00 USD.

The Warbird Carbon GRX 600
The Warbird Carbon GRX 600

The Warbird Carbon GRX 600 switches up the shifters to GRX 600 units and a 2X GRX 600 crankset featuring a 46/30T range and the same cassette range as the GRX 800. This GRX 600 model is also listed as having GRX RX810 derailleurs as well. Wheels are listed as being Shimano hubs, R5470’s, laced to WTB ST Light i23 rims and shod with Teravail 700 X 42mm Cannonball tires. Retail price is set at $3299.00.

The Warbird Carbon Apex 1 alternative color
The Warbird Carbon Apex 1.
The Warbird Carbon Apex 1 alternative color
The Warbird Carbon Apex 1 in the alternative color.

Warbird Carbon Apex 1 models will be available in the two colors shown and feature a 1X drive train. The rear cassette is SRAM’s PG11330 11-42T and is matched with the Apex 42t crank set. Brakes are mechanical TRP Spyre units stopping WTB wheels shod with 700 X 42mm Cannonball tires from Teravail. Retail on the Warbird Carbon Apex 1 is $2799.00USD.

There will be the same black colored Warbird frame with black Waxwing fork offered also at $2099.00USD.

Comments: The solid design of the Warbird and Stormchaser remains with new spec choices and colors. That’s all good, but if we are learning anything about 2021, we know that availability on anything for the year is going to be limited. In light of what we are seeing, reading about, and hearing from dealers, only bikes pre-ordered by dealers will be, (maybe) delivered. Walking into a dealer and trying to order a bike will probably not be an option for 2021. We advise calling your nearest Salsa Cycles dealer soon if you are hoping to get a 2021 model.

For more information on Warbird and Stormchaser for 2021 see Salsa Cycle’s website at

Note- The information and images used in this post, with the exception of the paragraph “Comments”, was provide to Riding Gravel by Salsa Cycles. The “Comments” are our opinion and not necessarily the views of Quality Bicycle Products, Salsa Cycles, or its dealer network.


Author: Guitar Ted

Guitar Ted hails from Iowa. Home of over 70,000 miles of gravel and back roads. An inaugural member of the Gravel Cycling Hall of Fame and Co-creator of Trans Iowa in late 2004- Guitar Ted has been at the forefront of the growth of gravel events and riding since then. Creator of Gravel Grinder News in 2008, he produced the premier calendar of gravel and back road events. GT joined forces with Riding Gravel in late 2014.

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6 thoughts on “Gravel Grinder News: Salsa Debuts ’21 Warbird, Stormchaser Models

  1. Looks like the Apex 1 models are holdovers from last year–same spec and colors. I wonder if a new entry-spec Warbird will come later this year?

    1. @Erik Jorgenson – I would be shocked if anything ‘new’ came out in 2021 that you could actually buy. You will begin to see a lot of releases of news for stuff coming in 2022 this Summer, Fall, and Winter, but I wouldn’t expect to be able to get your hands on much of it until well late into this year or next year.

      1. Ha—I suppose you are right. Companies probably need to balance their PR this year; we need excitement and anticipation, but we also don’t want vaporbikes.

  2. Ted,

    Nice writeup on the Warbird as I got one two weeks ago and have a few hundred miles upon it.

    Seriously, one of the finest bikes I have ever had. What I noticed is the power transfer to the rear wheel and its best feature is the comfort as the frame and setup has one in a very comfortable all day setup.

    I must add however, that I am running a set of Zipp wheels on the bike but every thing else is stock from the Sram 1 X 11 to the WTB saddle. That saddle is very comfortable or is it the frameset doing its job?

    I am really happy with the bike. The day I bought the bike three others were sold as the shop was setting the bike up as I feel lucky to have this fine bicycle!

    1. @Kevin – Congratulations on the new bike and I am happy to hear that you are getting on well with it. I thought the Class V VRS was actually a worthwhile thing on the Stormchaser, which is aluminum. I can only imagine that it is better on the carbon fiber version.

  3. I have a 2021 Stormchaser waiting on me up at Angry Catfish that I am picking up on Sunday on my way to Cuyuna for some mountain biking. I can’t wait.

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