Gravel Grinder News: American Classic Tires Updated

Gravel Grinder News: American Classic Tires Updated – by Guitar Ted

American Classic Kimberlite tire. Stock photo provided by American Classic.
American Classic gravel tires receive updates. The Kimberlite (shown) will also be available in a new size.

Last Fall American Classic released their line up of gravel tires. We reviewed a few of them here. Now news breaks today of updates to that range of tires. The company has a new puncture protection system and has lowered weights across the range as well as engineering in a lower rolling resistance for their tires across the range.

There are a couple of big improvements to their road tire range as well, but we are going to focus on the gravel side of things here, of course.

American Classic Wentworth in the new brown side wall version. Stock image provided by American Classic
The gravel tire range will also be available with a brown side wall now.

The gravel tire range will retain its tread designs for each model, but all will now have the new Stage 5S Armor puncture protection in a 120TPI casing. The sizes on offer will remain the same: 700 X 40mm, 700 X 50mm, and 650B X 47mm. The exception here will be that the minimally treaded Kimberlite will also be available in a new 700 X 35mm size. Additionally, American Classic will now offer tires with a brown sidewall alongside their previously offered black wall and tan wall offerings.

While prices have crept up on al models across the range of gravel tires ($45.00 each according to a provided pricing list we received), the improvements in the tires with a reduction in weight and rolling resistance is welcomed. American Classic claims that an independent test of the new Kimberlite showed a “measurable improvement” in rolling resistance over the previous model.

The new updated gravel tires from American Classic are available now on their Amazon webstore.

Note: Information and images in this post were provided by American Classic.


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