Pedal iSSi II Triple Clipless Pedals: Quick Review

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The iSSi Triple pedals come in a wide array of colors, but this silver option id pretty and classy looking.

Pedal iSSi II Triple Clipless Pedals: Quick Review: Over a month ago, we introduced the Pedal iSSi Triple model clipless pedals. These pedals have a Shimano compatible cleat and the pedal also interfaces well with Shimano cleats. Here’s my thoughts after riding them on several gravel rides, on two different bikes, and with two different shoes.

The iSSi Triple models feature, as the name suggests, a triple bearing set up, and this keeps the pedals smooth. Of course, it is hard to say at this point how the longevity of these pedals will fare, but in comparison to pedals I’ve used in the past with bearings versus bushings, I would bet on the bearings here. Engagement was a non issue. I found these to be completely compatible with Shimano Multi-release cleats with no issues noticed. The pedals have a nice, audible snap when you get in, and the feel once clipped in is positive and not at all vague. Clipping out is just like, well……just like what you’d expect from a pedal that looks like this. It’s good. Really good.

Float is about the same as my Shimano pedals, so the familiarity is there if you use Shimano’s stuff now. The question then becomes, “Why buy these over a pedal with a stellar reputation?” That’s a good question when you look at a new contender, and pedals are not an area where you might want to take chances with unproven components. What we know right now is that the iSSi Triple is both lighter and less expensive than the comparable Deore XT pedals. It also comes in more colors than you can shake a stick at. It works with Shimano cleats, and clipping in and out is seamless and very much like the “Big S” pedals.

So far, so good. Only the long term durability and performance of these pedals is in question. I have had complete confidence in their performance up to this point. The plan from here is to run the Triples for the entirety of the season and then come back with an update to this review at that time. The short term verdict is that these are looking like a great value that should be on your radar if you are shopping for new pedals.

If you would like to hear Ben and I discuss these pedals on Episode Nine of the Riding Gravel Radio Ranch, click HERE.

Note: Pedal iSSi sent over the Triple model pedals at no cost to for test and review. We are not being bribed, nor paid for this review and we will always strive to give you our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.

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