Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip Goes Direct To Consumer

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Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip is a product that aids in mounting tires

More and more we are seeing gravel cyclists looking to set up their tires tubeless. one of the most critical steps in setting up any tire for bicycles tubeless is setting the bead of the tire correctly into the bead seat, or in the case of a Stan’s rim, the bead socket. Get the tire to set just off a bit can cause leakage, tire wobble, and in worst case scenarios, an improperly set bead can be a cause for a tire to burp, or become unseated and blow off.  Not something you want to have happen!

Uncle Dick’s is a totally biodegradable substance that you brush on to a tires bead surfaces where it will mate up with your rim. As inflation occurs, Uncle Dick’s allows the beads to “slip” up into their desired positions much more easily and uniformly. (“Bead Slip”- Get it?) I have had shop and home use experience using Uncle Dick’s in various applications from setting up tubeless tires to getting stubborn 27 inch clincher tires to slip up on steel rims and in all cases, I found Uncle Dick’s to aid in making any tire mounting job much easier to do.

Previously to this February, the only way to get Uncle Dick’s was from a local bike shop with an account with one of a couple distributors. This really limited the availability of this fine product to only a few areas, so Uncle Dick’s has decided to pursue a consumer direct approach and in doing so, has been able to cut the price to the end user to $10.50 plus shipping, where before it was over 20 bucks a tin.

Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip was launched back in October of 2013 with a host of great reviews and press coverage on the web. If you’d like to learn more about Uncle Dick’s products please visit us at http://uncledicksbikeshop.com and order these fine products at the new discounted price.

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Author: Guitar Ted

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