Monday Motivation – October 20, 2014


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Monday Motivation- by RGBen

We’re going to start a little deal on Mondays and see how it goes. If it goes well, people dig it, and people participate, then we’ll keep it rolling. If not, it’ll go the way of the first generation of SRAM hydraulic road brakes…

It’s Monday afternoon and all you want to do is get out of this terrible, stressful, long Monday!

Here is a little pick me up picture and important reminder from contributor Guitar Ted:


After nearly getting KO’ed by a speeding truck this weekend, we were reminded to always crest hills on the right side! Ride Right- Stay Alive! – Guitar Ted

Now, get out there, enjoy the beautiful, quickly fading, fall day. Be safe so you can enjoy it again. We want you to join in, share, and let others know what gets you motivated to start the week. It can be a picture from the past weekend, a picture from your last ride, a quote, or anything else that gets you going. Just send us a message, by contacting us.

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Author: RGBen

I created in the fall of 2013 and happily joined with Guitar Ted in late 2014 to form the current day Riding Gravel. Originally from Wisconsin, my wife, 2 kids, spent several years in Colorado, before spending a couple years in North Dakota. Now we're back in Northern Wisconsin in the middle of an Outdoor Mecca.

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