Robert Axle Project “Drive Thru”: Quick Review

You may have heard of the Robert Axle Project, (no! it isn’t a band!), and if you have, you know that they do axles, (duh!), and through axles of various thread pitches and lengths are their game. Well, they just came out with this new gizmo called a “Drive Thru“. It’s kind of like the Pedros Chain Keeper, only for through axles, and a lot better made too.

A chain hangar for through axle bikes

This particular one will work on my gravel bikes with the 12mm X 1.0 thread pitch through axle standard. They have these in 1.5 and 1.75 thread pitches as well. There is no reason these wouldn’t work for mountain and road bikes as well.

The axle threads in by hand, then you simply drape the chain over the guide wheel.

Here’s the thing- The obvious use is for when you are cleaning your bike and don’t want the chain slapping all around your chain stay. But there are other reasons to have this too. Transporting your bike without wheels? Or how about while you are doing rear tire swaps, or maintenance on the drive train and don’t want to get chain cleaning/lube spooge on your tires? I’m sure you can come up with other ideas here.

The Drive Thru has a wheel and it does rotate, and it can slide back and forth on the axle. So, you could check shifting without the rear wheel in the bike, or fool around with your front derailleur without a rear wheel. It’s made from aluminum and a sort of plastic, maybe nylon reinforced? Not sure because the site doesn’t tell us. But it is another level above a Pedros Chain Keeper and obviously, that tool is for a quick release anyway. Yes, it costs $35.00, but it is something you’ll have around for years and something you probably will find really useful.

Robert Axle Project Drive Thru page: 

Note: The Robert Axle Project sent over the Drive Thru for test and review to at no charge. I was not bribed nor paid for this review and I will always strive to give my honest thoughts and opinions throughout. 


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