Redshift Sports Arclight PRO Pedals: At The Finish

Redshift Sports Arclight PRO Pedals: At The Finish – by Guitar Ted

The Redshift Sports Arclight PRO pedals are at the end of the review cycle now, so if you missed the mid-term report, hit this link. There is another link in that article which will take you back to the introduction where the specs, pricing, and first impressions are given.

A Redshift Sports Arclight Pro Pedal close up.
Redshift Sports Arclight PRO pedal.

When I left off last time I said i wanted to try this pedal in its most stripped down form – a double sided clipless format. I actually sat down to swap in the clipless mechanism I took off and to remove the “wings” which make up the flat pedal when it is configured in that way. However; I ran into something that might be the only negative I have about this versatile pedal system.

Arclight pedal shown in minimalist form.
The Arclight PRO pared down to its minimalist form.

That is that having many component pieces, it is easy to lose or misplace the parts you are not using. And yes – I am guilty of just that!

So….. What happened I don’t know, but all the spares went “poof” and until they surface again in my over-stuffed shop I won’t be using these as anything but the flats/clipless dual set-up I had been using them in at the mid-term of this review.

That said, I did go ahead and take apart the pedals down to their minimalist form and I was impressed by the jigsaw-like tight fit of these components. The machining tolerances are impressive, and it just further cements the impression I have of these pedals being of high quality and that the attention to detail is at a high level.

Image of the Arclight pedals without the light modules installed.
The Arclight sans light modules.

At The Finish: The Redshift Sports Arclight PRO Pedals are a high-quality, very versatile, smooth pedal with a safety feature that is really impressive. Essentially these are the one pedal solution for anyone that uses one bike for many different tasks. A gravel bike being pressed into duty as a commuter and a touring bike? This pedal would cover all of that while also offering a high quality bearing system and user-friendly light modules which have eye-grabbing moving light. Characteristics that some studies suggest are more effective at keeping you safe at night on a bike than static mounted tail lights are.

Again, there is that possibility that you could lose parts of the pedal not in use, but if you are more organized than I apparently am, you shouldn’t have an issue there. Otherwise these Arclight PRO pedals are another recommended offering from Redshift Sports.

For more details on the Arclight Pro Pedals see Redshift Sports here:

NOTE: Redshift Sports sent over the Arclight PRO pedals at no charge for test and review. We are not being paid nor bribed for this review and we strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.


Author: Guitar Ted

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