Gravel Grinder News: Wheels From WTB, Spinergy Plus Dynaplug Tubeless Tool.

Gravel Grinder News: Wheels From WTB, Spinergy Plus Dynaplug Tubeless Tool: by Guitar Ted

Today we have new wheel sets to tell you about from WTB and Spinergy. Plus a new tubeless plug tool from Dynaplug is also in the news this week. First up- The new WTB Proterra wheels.

WTB Proterra wheel in a rural setting
The new WTB Proterra wheels for gravel include two options.

WTB Proterra Wheels: WTB has a new range of wheel sets which are hand-built in California. The Proterra range is marked by four models. We will concentrate on the two for gravel here today, but there are two for mountain/trail riding as well. The Proterra gravel wheels are available in 700c and 650B diameters.

the new Proterra hub from WTB
The new Proterra wheels feature “J” bend spokes.

Proterra is a complete wheel system featuring WTB’s new TCS 2.0 tubeless system. Using easily serviced parts, WTB has aimed the Proterra line at those wanting an upgrade in wheels but also want value for the dollar spent. In that vein, all Proterra wheel sets will retail at $649.00 for the set. (Wheels are also available individually)

WTB is using a 6069 aluminum for the rim extrusions and for the gravel category, two inner rim widths are offered. A 23mm and a 25mm should cover most folk’s needs here. Traditional “J” bend spokes are used with alloy nipples on the gravel wheels. The gravel range wheels are laced with 28 butted spokes 3X to Proterra hubs. These hubs have a six pawl design with 3.7┬░ engagement. The freehub options on the gravel side are XDR and Shimano Hyperglide 11. Through axle compatibility is the only option here at 100 X 12mm and 12mm X 142mm front and rear respectively.

The TCS 2.0 System features WTB’s new Solid Strip which is a reinforcement layer that goes around the rim, and then the traditional TCS rim tape goes over this. WTB says the Solid Strip was designed to prevent air pressure from pushing rim tape into spoke hole drillings and eventually splitting the tape and causing tubeless failures. This feature comes with each Proterra wheel in the range.

For more information on the Proterra wheels, which are only available from WTB at present, see their website here:

Spinergy GX Max wheels
The new Spinergy GX Max wheels

Spinergy GX Max Wheels: Next up in Gravel Grinder News we have a new wheel in the gravel range from Spinergy. They have announced a GX Max wheel to go along with their GX and GXX wheels, both which we have reviewed here on Riding Gravel.

The GX Max is pretty much a beefed up version of the GX wheel set which uses 24 PBO spokes versus the GX Max which has 28 PBO spokes. The rim is a 24mm internal width, tubeless compatible, aluminum extrusion. Hubs feature free hub options including Campy, SRAM XDR, and Shimano. You can get QR compatibility as well as 12mm front/rear or a 15mm front through axle option. GX Max wheels are available with black or white PBO spokes standard. A range of color options on the PBO spokes is also available. Price for the GX Max wheels is $699.00

To learn more about the GX Max wheels see the Spinergy webpage for this model here:

Dynaplug Racer Pro tubeless repair tool as shown in Gravel Grinder News
The new Racer Pro tubeless repair tool from Dynaplug

Dynaplug Launches Racer Pro Tubeless Plug Tool: Finally in this edition of Gravel Grinder News we have a new tubeless tool from Dynaplug called the Racer Pro, which is a new variant of the Racer plug tool.

A Dynaplug Racer Pro tubeless repair tool broken down showing the preloaded plugs for Gravel Grinder News
The Racer Pro can hold four preloaded plugs or two regular plugs and one MegaPlug as shown.

Featuring up to four plugs in one compact repair tool, the Dynaplug Racer Pro fits easily into any repair tool roll, seat bag, or top tube bag. Repairs using the tool can be counted on to be permanent and are quickly executed thanks to the design of the tool and plug.

The Racer Pro repair kit goes for $54.99 and comes with the following items:

  • Dynaplug┬« Racer Pro tool
  • 3 Soft-Tip Plugs (Pointed tip)
  • 1 – Megaplug ( Bullet tip)
  • 2- double-sided Twin Tube insertion tubes- 1 with Megaplug on one side and 1 with two Classic Size tubes on the other.

For more information on the Dynaplug Racer Pro see their webpage here:

That’s a wrap on this edition of Gravel Grinder News. All images and information in this post were provided to Gravel Grinder News by WTB, Spinergy, and Dynaplug.


Author: Guitar Ted

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