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Wolf Tooth Debuts Elliptical 110 BCD Chainrings:

Recently we reported that Wolf Tooth had made a “one-by” solution for elliptical chain rings available for four bolt Shimano drive trains. Apparently a hue and cry went up from riders expressing an interest in ditching their front derailleurs and having an elliptical chain ring that fit a five bolt crank arm. Wolf Tooth has responded with the announcement today that a 110BCD (110mm Bolt Circle Diameter) range is available now.

Sizes planned for the introduction are 38T, 40T, and 42T. These sizes should work well on gravel rigs, cyclo cross bikes, or for anyone wanting to try out an elliptical chain ring on a “one-by” set up for 9, 10, or 11 speed rear ends. All Wolf Tooth chain rings are made in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and these new 110BCD five bolt chain rings will cost you $78.95USD.

See more on Wolf Tooth’s site HERE.

Blue Sky
Look for more companies to introduce “Adventure Road” bikes in 2016

“Adventure Road” To Become A Bigger Category For Brands in ’16

According to the latest issue of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News“, the forecast for bicycles in 2016 and 2017 looks to be headed in the direction of “adventure”. The industry magazine sent a reporter over to the Taipei Bike Week, an annual gathering of the cycling industry manufacturers and brands in Asia, to get a feel for what product designers and marketing wonks were doing that will steer the market in the next couple of years. The buzz seems to include the addition of more fat tire friendly road bikes and “gravel/adventure” type bicycles which will come at the expense of traditional road racing type bike development. The traditional road racing style bikes seem to be tailing off in numbers of units sold and the industry seems bent on trying to see if the gravel road riding and “adventure” road type events will generate new sales.

How many bikes will we see and from whom? The story in “Bicycle Retailer and Industry News” seemed to point toward many introductions based upon drive train and tire and rim developments that were referenced. We’ve heard here at that even brands which are as steeped in high end road offerings as Cervelo are going to be offering “gravel grinder bikes” for 2016.

Has the gravel bike category “jumped the shark” or are manufacturers finally coming to their senses by making bicycles which have more practical uses for the average cyclist than what road racing bikes can offer? You be the judge here, but it is interesting to note that the gravel grinding scene, which many said was nothing but a fad, is influencing the industry to this point. Good or bad, it seems we’re in for a wider selection of these “adventure road” rigs and soon!

Images and information used for the Wolf Tooth story were provided by Wolf Tooth. The opinions and views expressed by concerning “Adventure Road” bicycles are our own and not necessarily the views of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News or anyone else.

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