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GORE Summer 2022 Kit: Quick Review

As for the Fernflow Shorts, these are the best so far for gravel bike rides and I think they would be quite good for adventure and bikepacking outings. Now, the Lupra is a viable garment for me, as I am not so interested in wet weather protection.

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Project All Road: New Life For an Old Gravel Bike- Part 2

I remember when this Warbird was my only gravel bike. It was very nice to ride and I recall thinking that it would make a quite decent road bike…..

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Project All Road: New Life For an Old Gravel Bike.

So what is the dealio with all my road bike dissatisfaction? Not sure. I know my wife just shakes her head and smiles. She is a patient woman and I am determined to find that ‘just right’ bike.

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Fanttik X8 Apex Battery Powered Air Compressor: At The Finish

I am spoiled, I think, and now a floor pump seems like a hand crank telephone in comparison.

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Hunt 35 Carbon Gravel Disc X Wide Hookless Wheels: Checkpoint

I had a sneaking suspicion that I was going to find this to be a firm riding set-up, and once I got into the dirt, I was right.

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Ritchey WCS Skyline Saddle: Quick Review

Ritchey components can tend to fall under the radar, but I have seldom been disappointed in one.

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Fanttik X8 Apex Battery Powered Air Compressor: Getting Rolling

Now when I was first approached for reviewing this item I immediately thought of Mrs. Grannygear. She does struggle a bit with some floor pumps

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Bolle’ Icarus/Volt Glasses & ECO React MIPS Helmet: Getting Rolling

At Sea Otter I was able to visit the Bolle booth and look at some of the newer items they had for 2022. Here are two things we have on review.

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Sportful Spring/Summer Wear: At The Finish

I like the direction Sportful is going with their ‘Fun Focus’ and the adventure aspects of some of the items I had were right in there.

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Sportful Super Giara Puffy Short Sleeve and Hot Pack Easylight Jacket: Quick Review

During my talks with Sportful, they asked if there was anything else I wanted to try. And I thought of the times I went into my closet and reached for a lightweight jacket, not a rain piece…no, just a simple piece, almost like a vest with arms.

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