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Gravel Grinder News: Salsa Cycles, SILCA, & Showers Pass News

Time for some news here and Gravel Grinder News has three bits from Salsa Cycles, Showers Pass, and SILCA to share today.

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Three Tool Rolls: An Introduction

Tool rolls- Those minimalist storage ‘bags’ which snuggle up under your saddle. You may have seen a few in the past. Well, we at have decided to check out three offerings. The SILCA Seat Roll Asymmetrico, the KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll, and the Topeak Burrito Pack.

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Keepers: Silca Pista Plus Floor Pump

Classic design wasn’t compromised where it matters most with the Silca Pista Plus. The ‘guts’ of this pump are just like those of the past pumps Silca is famous for. That means that parts are available to repair this pump, when that time comes, but I know that occasional maintenance will put that day off for years- maybe over a decade.

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Silca Nastro Piloti Bar Tape: Quick Review

Bar tape has come a long way since the thin, fragile cork-type tapes of days past. Now it is even high tech. The colors and thicknesses are quite varied and you can pretty much have it your way. It is also a disposable item, so it is not unusual to go through a set of bar tape each season. And with the cost of premium tape at near 50 bucks a pop, its not a trifle.

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Silca Maratona Minimo Gear Bag: Quick Review

It is true- one could get any old bag and organize their stuff. I mean, one could just “get by”. That said, the Silca Maratona Minimo is attractive, seems durable, holds its shape, and does all that while also organizing your gear very well. So, essentially there are no compromises with the Minimo, unless you need more space.

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Silca Viaggio Travel Pump: Quick Review

Silca Viaggio Travel Pump: Quick Review – by Grannygear When I was at Sea Otter I was shown the Silca Viaggio Travel floor pump.  Designed…

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Hirobel Frame Clamp: Quick Review

The Hirobel Clamp is a device developed to allow you to mount a bicycle to a repair stand without directly clamping to the bicycle with a repair stand clamp. This is beneficial when you have a bicycle with a suspension seat post, a dropper post, or a seat mast/aero seat tube design. The Hirobel Clamp is sort of like a bicycle rack for a car, with a cradle type design, and the bar of the Hirobel Clamp then is held by the repair stand.

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Floyd’s, Silca Ypsilon, Milkit: Three Quick Reviews

Floyd’s, Silca Ypsilon, Milkit: Three Quick Reviews – by Grannygear Editor’s Note; From time to time we have done the “Quick Review” , detailing a…

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Silca Sicuro Titanium bottle cage
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Silca Sicuro Ti Bottle Cages: Quick Review

They cost $70.00. Each. Yes. That is a buck and a half for two water bottle cages. I know, I know. But the sexy-factor calls to me in a siren song of silky Ti goodness. On my Lynskey frame it is just flat out wicked cool looking, if that can even be applied to a bottle cage bolted to a bike.

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Silca Pista Plus Floor Pump: Quick Review

A Quick Review of the Silca Pista Plus by Guitar Ted who says, “…I have no qualms in saying the Pista Plus is a lifetime investment…”

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