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Redshift Sports Kitchen Sink Handlebar: At The Finish

The overall design of each aspect of the system has a pretty wide appeal, in my opinion. So, yes- it isn’t for everyone. But if you are looking for a way to gain a bit more control, better ride comfort, and more versatility in your gravel/adventure riding, then the Redshift Sports Kitchen Sink Handlebars, Cruise Control grips, and Really Long Bar Tape are well worth looking into. I highly recommend the system.

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Redshift Sports Kitchen Sink Handlebar: Getting Rolling

The Redshift Sports Kitchen Sink Handlebar, Cruise Control Grips, and Really Long Bar Tape combine to make a system that is intriguing for the gravel and back road cyclist. Add in the loop bar section and it becomes more versatile with an added possibility for cargo bag attachment, accessories attachment points, and obviously as an aero position for riding into winds. There is a lot going on here.

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Fresh Gravel: WTB, Redshift Sports, Finish Line

Winter is hitting the Riding Gravel headquarters hard, but that doesn’t mean that things are not happening. Today we have news on some upcoming products from WTB, Redshift Sports, and Finish Line which are due to arrive soon, or already have, which we will be reviewing.

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Cirrus Cycles Kinekt Stem: At The Finish

Cirrus Cycles Kinekt Stem: At The Finish – by Guitar Ted The suspension stem idea seemed to die when the mid-90’s idea of telescopic front…

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Cirrus Cycles Kinekt Stem: Getting Rolling

The idea of a suspension stem is not a new one. There are many of you out there that will immediately remember the efforts to ‘suspend the rider’ back in the 1990’s. Well, now some thirty years later and here we are with what looks like something similar. Only it is not, really…

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Project Topstone: Updates

At the cross roads I thought, “Huh. I could go a bit farther and drop down this winding canyon connector road.” OK, why not? And this rambling continued, even when the road choices kept coming along and even when I knew the conditions would be much more than any road bike would be comfortable in.

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Gravel Grinder News: PRO Introduces New 2020 Gravel Components & Accessories

PRO Bike Gear introduced a number of new components and accessories for gravel and all-road bikes today at the Eurobike trade show in Germany. Highlights include a new 27.2mm dropper post, new carbon handlebars and seatposts, and an off-road version of the popular Stealth saddle.

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Good Vibrations

Editor’s Note: We at Riding Gravel are pleased to present another post  from our contributor, John Ingham Good Vibrations- by John Ingham [adrotate group=”1″] When…

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Redshift Sports ShockStop Stem: Quick Review

[adrotate group=”1″] As gravel and adventure cycling grow in popularity, we’re seeing more and more products designed to filter out bumps and vibration before they…

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Redshift Sports ShockStop Stem: At The Finish

<Back to News Home | Redshift Sports ShockStop Stem: At The Finish- by Guitar Ted Shock absorbing components and frames are a big deal now….

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